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About us

BI Property company — one of the leaders of the capital developer's market. From the first years of work, the focus area in our company has become an integrated development of projects, which means a full cycle of work - from the initial analysis of the land plot and marketing research of the market to the commissioning of the constructed facility and building management. BI Property company has got 16 facilities with total area of more than 225 thousand square meters in the project portfolio.

For its decades of experience, BI Property company has been making a significant contribution to the formation of the urban planning image of modern Astana city. Over the years, the company has formed well-established diversified portfolio of assets in the growing sectors of the real estate market - hotel, office, and retail.

The company provides quality services in the field of facility, property, building and asset management and carries out activities aimed at efficient maintenance of commercial real estate facilities and extending its service life, as well as providing services for the selection of lessees and maintenance of all necessary financial, legal and technical documentation.

BI Property company entices well-known international brands into the project management of the hotel segment - such a strategy can significantly increase the occupancy and profitability of hotels. The quality of work execution, the introduction of innovations in engineering and architecture, as well as the stable reputation of an experienced and reliable developer allow BI Property company to keep the lead position on the market of capital commercial real estate.

Our sectors

Design and management of business
centers, coworkings and smart offices

Design and management of hotels,
restaurants, kindergartens

Our advantages

  • 225 000 square meters
    headed by

  • 16 projects

  • Building technical

  • Construction

  • Work
    with contractors

  • Safety and security

Project map

BI Property company selects the best locations for the construction of business centers, providing a supportive environment for business development. Functioning commercial real estate is located in the center of the business map of Astana and provides the lessees with all comfort requirements. You may open the door for new opportunities for your company in our advanced project

Advanced project

Functional projects